5 Steps to Handling Any Problem Behavior

5 Steps To Handle Challenging Behavior

Parenting is a never-ending maze of phases. You finally get a good handle on things and - wham! - the kids throw another curve ball at you. Sometimes the new challenge is easy to figure out. Other times, it bring us to our knees, full of frustration and helplessness. Those times...well...they suck, don't they? The latest phase in … Continue...

Race & Family

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White Sugar, Brown Sugar

If you could see me right now, you would see me jumping up and down and dancing around my living room. I'm just so excited to re-introduce the Spotlight on Mixed … Continue...



How To Explain Autism to Kids

Recently, a friend asked if I would write a post about how to talk to kids about autism. She wants to know how to explain autism to her son, who has a playmate with … Continue...

Meet Mixed Families